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Allocate Software are proud to announce the KPI Dashboard for MaritimeSuite and OffshoreSuite

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Allocate MaritimeSuite and OffshoreSuite – New KPI Dashboard! Delivering safe, intelligent workforce planning

Our users of MaritimeSuite and OffshoreSuite have told us that management reporting is one of the growing demands on their time.  They also told us that they want an easier way of creating reports in MaritimeSuite and OffshoreSuite.

Wouldn’t it also be good if senior management could, for themselves, view planning performance and resource availability without the need to wait for monthly reports?  In addition, how useful would it be to get a heads up today on problems that are likely to surface next month?  If you answered YES to any of those questions, then you will be delighted to know that Allocate Software are launching a new product called KPI Dashboard for MaritimeSuite and OffshoreSuite that can assist you in your reporting needs.

The KPI Dashboard is a web-based aggregator of planning data from the MaritimeSuite or OffshoreSuite database.  Not only does it come with built-in KPIs covering planning, skills and availability, it also has the ability to integrate with SQL Server Reporting Services and includes its own, simple data model, allowing you to create your own reports.

Other features include:

  • Post Vacancy, Over/Under Budget, Utilization Rate & Skills Compliance planning metrics
  • Availability (leave, sickness and idle) metrics
  • Turnover (joiner, leaver, counts and rates)
  • Skills Compliance against role skill requirements by Owning unit
  • Charts & Graphs showing trends and historical comparisons with last year’s metrics
  • Pop up information relating to vacancies, grade mismatches and utilization counts.
  • Separate user accounts allowing non OffshoreSuite users access to key data with unit level access
  • SQL Server Reporting Services integration (or integrate with your own reports SharePoint or intranet)
  • Pluggable customized KPI Metrics built to your requirements.