Meet the Dynama Team

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We regularly bring you face-to-face with the people behind the scenes. This time, Kashif Khan, Dynama Project Manager, goes round in circles and talks about his new found love of gaming.

“Hello to all readers

I am a new ‘Dynamite’ having joined the team in January 2018 after 10 years at Allocate Healthcare, which is another business in the Allocate Group.  In my previous life I worked in various programme/project, commercial and partner management roles delivering different programmes and helping to create new products before taking them to market for our customers to use.

A little known fact is that our own ‘Senior’ Dynamites, Lee Clarke and Julian Goodridge interviewed me 10 years ago.  Then, promptly after recruiting me, they sent me off into the world of healthcare (I wonder why?!) while they continued in the maritime and defence business – now Dynama Solutions.

However, everything has come full circle and I am excited to be working with Lee and Julian again. While I am new to the Dynama business no doubt my previous experience with Allocate will prove valuable to our customers.

I am very passionate about making sure customers achieve success through the use of our products and services.  As a result, I have always made a conscious decision to pursue roles that keep me close to customers on the front facing side.  I believe Dynamites are only successful when our customers are successful.  At the moment I am working with a number of current and new customers on their implementation programmes and supporting my fellow team members whenever and wherever I can.

Outside of work, I have recently re-discovered console gaming and for gaming aficionados out there, I am a PlayStation person (sorry Xbox fans).  I try to balance work with other outdoor pursuits, especially swimming and tennis.  This year, I plan to take up rowing and to get my deep sea diving certification which should let me explore old ship wrecks  – something I have always wanted to do.  I am an avid reader and you will usually find books and news magazines on my desk that are carefully arranged to hide chocolates and sweets in my office ‘stash’.  Oh no – now everyone will know.”

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