It’s a small world thanks to the sophisticated time management capabilities provided by OneView

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According to Andy Clarke at Dynama, it’s a small world thanks to the sophisticated time management capabilities provided by technology today. Here he reveals the three major benefits of deploying advanced workforce and resource optimisation solutions.

We all know what it feels like when the clocks go back or forward. One week, you get up for work and it’s bright and sunny, then the clocks change and it’s suddenly black as night come Monday morning (and we’re not just talking about the rain or the prospect of work)! Time is a complex problem and, when it comes to running an international company, it is a major headache!

Everyone knows there are 24 hours in a day but man-made inventions like daylight saving mean some countries have just 23 hours during different weeks of the year. And about half the globe, particularly countries around the equator don’t have daylight saving at all! Even Coordinated Universal Time or UTC is not free from some variations because extra seconds are added at irregular periods to compensate for the change in the rotation of the earth.

The situation is further exacerbated when set against today’s backdrop of a global skills shortage meaning talent must often be sourced from all four corners of the world. Crew members – wherever they are and whatever their local time zone – must be at a port before their ship sails, security need to turn up for an event on the right day and welders on site at the same time as the steel they are welding. Getting time wrong is not an option when offshore major engineering projects are at stake – lost corporate reputations and business are the ultimate penalties.

Fortunately, the latest workforce deployment and resource optimisation solutions hold the key to mobilising people on the move by providing a sophisticated set of tools to generate and manage multiple travel requests and itineraries at all times of the day and night. Using a single application, transforming your worldwide empire into one manageable global village has never been easier.

  1. Bird’s eye view with information all in one place – a centralised repository of real time data – everything from skills matrices, crewing schedules and rotations, company travel policies and individual travel preferences to travel plans (local flight departure and arrival times, details of onward travel such as car hire and hotel stays) – are readily accessible at the click of a mouse. This birds-eye view ensures crew members join the right vessel at the right time. It also helps to maximise budgets by ensuring individuals are booked on business or economy flights depending on their grade or the length of each flight.
  2. Enhanced communications – all changes to personnel information, company travel policies, itineraries and crew rotations are instantaneously flagged up to travel administrators. These staff can also receive automatic notifications of upcoming expiry dates for essential travel documentation like visas, passports and medical certificates so they can be renewed in a timely fashion. They can even send messages to crew members at any time of the day or night, using any device, to alert them to important changes to their travel plans or schedules.
  3. Seamless electronic process saves time and money – the latest technology uses workforce planning data to automate travel requests and even integrates with the leading travel booking companies to generate end-to-end itineraries swiftly and efficiently. This reduces the administrative burden and potential for error associated with manually managing travel bookings. Time and cost savings all in one!

Getting the right people to the right place at the right time has never been an easy task, but agreeing on when that might be is a great start. The complex nature of global maritime operations today makes workforce optimisation even harder. It’s time to maximise the full potential of technology and make it work for you.