Is resource planning and workforce management giving you a headache?

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10 Reasons why Dynama OneView can make a difference from David Moller at Dynama

Our customers operate in some of the most complex and diverse environments in the world where heavy regulation and oversight is a major challenge, and non-compliance can incur significant penalties and the risk of corporate litigation and a damaged reputation. The industries they work in are fiercely competitive and the specialist, highly skilled personnel they require are scarce and highly sought after.  Success depends on creating high-performing teams safely, efficiently and cost-effectively through workforce management and maximisation of critical resources.

It’s a complicated business but it doesn’t have to be

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? The trouble is the path to effective resource planning and workforce optimisation isn’t always a smooth one.  Here are 10 reasons why it pays to invest in Dynama OneView to:

  1. Effectively manage skilled workforces and asset deployments across projects
  2. Achieve tangible cost savings – just ask our customers. The British Army identified over £10 million from the annual budget that was not contributing directly to operational outputs and which has since been redirected to more focused training activity while the Australian Defence Force anticipates managing the delivery of A$20billion in savings over the next decade using OneView
  3. Accurately track regulatory compliance and safety – present, planned and historical on an individual personnel, project and company as a whole basis
  4. Forecast resource demand across key business areas and extend planning horizons
  5. Highlight and receive notifications of critical issues to allow remedial action to be taken, reducing any additional costs and protecting margins
  6. Eliminate time-consuming resource scheduling and project coordination activities while controlling overheads
  7. Provide a global view of personnel optimisation and resources for enhanced, timely decision making
  8. Access comprehensive resource management through integrated personnel, training and work history all in one place, using one single platform
  9. Interface seamlessly with leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to augment data and identify issues and trends
  10. Manage new business units and activity by using existing structures as templates to clone structures and positions, to speed up the new build planning process and the management of change

Dynama OneView is a highly configurable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution which enables resource planners to maximise the effectiveness of skilled personnel, assets and compliance in large, challenging environments, while providing management with a global view of asset utilisation and issues. Software-as-a-Service provides a scalable, safe solution and saves on infrastructure and capital expenditure.

As a cloud-based solution OneView is accessible on the move, at any time of the day, using a variety of mobile devices, to provide resource teams and business leaders with a better understanding of the demands on personnel and resources. OneView takes an enterprise-wide view of resourcing and available skill sets to allow strategic and timely decisions that enhance corporate performance.

Whether you have a new requirement or need to update your legacy system now is the time to request a demo and start the conversation. Invest in Dynama OneView to ensure the right resources are delivered at the right place, time and cost.  You’ll be rewarded with highly motivated, long-serving staff, a powerful competitive advantage, a boost to corporate performance and no more headaches!

David Moller is Director of Software Development at Dynama

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