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  • Information such as personnel and vessel schedules is used to recommend the best options for joining or leaving vessels in line with an organisation’s travel policy or business rules, helping to save time, effort and costs
  • Travel fulfilment data can be forwarded to crew automatically and notifications can alert management to any travel booked outside of policy
  • A centralised repository of data including everything from travel documents, crewing schedules and rotations, company travel policies and individual travel preferences are readily accessible at the click of a key
  • Provides a transparent, birds-eye view of travel planning across different departments and enforces company policy across the group
  • Centralised and automated technology records and displays fulfilment information, and then notifies staff of any changes to travel plans
  • Integrates with the world’s leading travel booking systems to simplify travel planning

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  • Dynama OneView Brochure

    OneView is a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) workforce optimisation and offshore team management application that supports the time-based management of people, resources and operations. Holding data in a single structure it leads to improved decision-making and cost control.

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  • Cruise and Crewing - Sector Insight

    Dynama OneView provides a central database for all crew documentation, including certificates, medicals, travel documents (passports and visas etc), complex scheduling including crew rotations (individual and bulk), travel, berthing locations, availability, training and competencies.

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  • Van Oord Case Study

    Van Oord is one of the world’s leading international dredging, marine engineering and offshore contractors with nearly 4,500 employees and an annual turnover of €1.5 billion. Van Oord deployed the Dynama solution, to provide a single view of people and resources across the company and interface with their HR system to support integrated payroll activities

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