OptiAM® working in partnership with Dynama

OptiAM® working in partnership with Dynama

OptiAM® is fully integrated with Dynama OneView to provide an end-to-end, enterprise asset management and workforce optimisation solution.

Defence organisations must be adaptable and responsive with the ability to shift emphasis rapidly between prevention, deterrence, protection and intervention. Accurate workforce and asset scheduling is essential for informed decision-making.


OptiAM® is an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system designed to be easy to use and quickly implemented while leveraging powerful predictive analytics and mobile technology to convert data into actionable knowledge to optimise asset performance. Originally developed for the exacting standards of the U.S. Military by experienced maintenance personnel, OptiAM® is applicable to a wide range of asset types in any industry environment.

Built On Analytics

Here are just some of the unique features OptiAM® users enjoy:

  • Reduced implementation and training costs… PLUS highly competitive licensing costs
  • Seamless system integration with already existing applications and databases
  • Supports compliance with industry standards such as ISO-55000, LEED and SAE JA1011
  • Simple and intuitive user interfaces
  • Ability to customise interfaces and processes which in turn, shortens learning curves
  • Latest web-based technology ensures maximum reliability and security for every operation
  • Incorporates latest technology including mobile, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Predictive Maintenance

Dynama OneView 

Against a backdrop of mounting pressures on defence budgets the ability to accurately forecast unit costs and resourcing over time is critical. Dynama OneView addresses the common challenges that can prevent the time management of information for defence organisations to remain agile and responsive. The ability to aggregate data and allow information exploitation allows the review of past capabilities, manage current resources and forecast future requirements. The key to Dynama OneView’s effectiveness is its capacity to aggregate data from existing systems, cleanse the data over time and produce a common view across the Force Structure.

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    Optimise the performance of high-value and mission-critical physical assets and fleets with an easy to use, analytics driven Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System


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    Dynama OneView is a workforce optimisation and resource management solution designed to maximise the effectiveness of skilled personnel and assets in often complex and diverse austere environments.


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